Shocks, Potholes, and Struts, Oh My!

Spring has sprung! Unfortunately so have the potholes in our roads. This is the time in West Michigan when we experience an unusual number of potholes. Not only that, but those potholes can wreak havoc on the suspension of your car.

Potholes cause premature damage to suspension and steering components. Tires and rims can also be damaged by potholes. Shocks and struts take the biggest brunt of the damage to start with. They compress and expand using hydraulic oil to alleviate the effects of driving on uneven surfaces. The bump is transferred to the vehicle; the extent of the bump travels from the tire and wheel directly to the shock absorber. Large potholes can cause the shock or strut to bottom out within itself. The shock is then transferred to the coil or leaf spring of the vehicle.

If, as you drive the roads this Spring, you notice an unusual amount of noise coming from your vehicle, now is the time to bring it to us so that we can examine your shocks and struts and replace any parts that are worn or just plain busted!

Flannery’s Service can replace shocks and struts for most vehicles. Give us a call at 231-773-6126 or just come by with the vehicle. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service!

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