Time for New Tires in Muskegon?

A lot of factors go into selecting new tires: traction, Muskegon weather conditions, handling, load capacity, fuel efficiency, tread life, looks, warranty and price. Michigan driving conditions vary from highway commuting to rock crawling; from blistering deserts to the frozen tundra – and everything in between. Your Flannery’s Service tire professional can help you strike the proper balance.

If you’re happy with your current wheels, then talk with your Muskegon tire professional about where you drive, if you tow or carry heavy loads, if you’re sensitive to tire noise – things like that. He or she can suggest options appropriate for your particular needs.

Muskegon motorists looking for new wheels need to keep in mind some practical matters. For example, you may want large wheels and low profile tires for your SUV. But if you plan to do some off-roading around the Bailey area, there may not be low profile tires that work well in dirt and mud – and low profile tires won’t protect your rims from rocks leading to damage. You need a tire and wheel combination that meets all your needs.

Also, key electronic safety systems like anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control are calibrated for a specific rolling diameter tire. If you’re going larger or smaller, the systems need to be recalibrated to work as intended.

Along the same lines, extremely large tires and wheels may not fit inside your wheel wells causing the tires to rub when you turn or go over bumps. You may require suspension modifications to safely accommodate the look you’re going after. Same goes for very small tires and wheels.

Just meet with your cheerful Flannery’s Service tire professional for ideas to help you get the look you want with a tire that meets your safety and performance needs.

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Shocks, Potholes and Struts, Oh My!

Spring has sprung! Unfortunately so have the potholes in our roads. This is the time in West Michigan when we experience an unusual number of potholes. Not only that, but those potholes can wreak havoc on the suspension of your car.

Potholes cause premature damage to suspension and steering components. Tires and rims can also be damaged by potholes. Shocks and struts take the biggest brunt of the damage to start with. They compress and expand using hydraulic oil to alleviate the effects of driving on uneven surfaces. The bump is transferred to the vehicle; the extent of the bump travels from the tire and wheel directly to the shock absorber. Large potholes can cause the shock or strut to bottom out within itself. The shock is then transferred to the coil or leaf spring of the vehicle.

If, as you drive the roads this Spring, you notice an unusual amount of noise coming from your vehicle, now is the time to bring it to us so that we can examine your shocks and struts and replace any parts that are worn or just plain busted!

Flannery’s Service can replace shocks and struts for most vehicles. Give us a call at 231-773-6126 or just come by with the vehicle. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service!



Fuel Injection Flush Service

One of the services I would like to talk about today is our fuel injection flush service. This is needed when carbon builds inside the engine around the valves and intake manifold. This buildup can greatly reduce your fuel economy and the performance of your engine.

The fuel injection flush service we offer uses a product made by 3M that does a great job. If you have a tuneup done on your vehicle and it still does not run as good as it should, chances are you probably have some dirty fuel injectors. We can flush that out and make it run like brand new. Our charge for this service is usually around $95.00.

Give us a call to make an appointment, or just stop by.

Gas Tank Modifications and Repairs

If you get into your car each morning and smell gas or you find a puddle on your garage floor, you may need us to service the gas tank or gas lines of your vehicle! We have plenty of experience repairing fuel lines and tanks and can handle those fuel leakage situations safely and efficiently!

When you have a problem with your fuel system, don’t put it off – give Flannery’s Service a call right away and we can correct those fuel system problems.

Is your car’s cooling system ready for winter?

In spite of what you wish, winter is coming! If you want to successfully navigate the roads and streets here in Muskegon County, now is the time to have Flannery’s Service check your entire cooling system.

Here is some basic information about how your cooling system works…

The cooling system is designed to remove excess heat from your engine. As your engine burns gasoline, a little less than a third of the released energy goes into mechanical energy to run your car. The rest is converted to heat. Some of that heat is blown straight out the tailpipe, while the rest heats the engine itself. Without a cooling system, the engine would be destroyed by heat within 3 to 30 minutes of ignition.

The cooling system works by moving coolant through the engine. The coolant draws heat from the engine and this heated coolant is moved through the radiator, where the heat is transferred to the surrounding air. The cooling system must have enough cooling capacity to cool a engine ascending a long, steep mountain road, where the driver might have the gas pedal 2/3 of the way to the floor.
The water pump sucks cooled coolant from the radiator and pushes it into the engine. The coolant flows through the engine, absorbing the engine’s heat. If the thermostat is open, that coolant then flows into the radiator for cooling. As it flows through the radiator, it heats the tubes and fins on the radiator, and that heat is transferred to the air flowing through the radiator. At low speeds that air flow is maintained by the fan, and at high speeds it’s maintained by the relative velocity of the vehicle in relation to the outside air.

Flannery’s Service can service your system, check the belts, hoses, thermostat, and make sure your anti-freeze is at the proper level. We know how to take care of your car! Give us a call and let us help you to be ready for winter.

We repair exhaust systems

Here at Flannery’s Service, we can handle exhaust system repairs!  While we don’t do custom bending, we do replace factory exhaust systems and can service your catalytic converter as well.

A catalytic converter is a device used to reduce the toxicity of exhaust emissions from an internal combustion engine. Inside a catalytic converter, a catalyst stimulates a chemical reaction in which noxious byproducts of combustion such as carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen are converted to less-toxic or inert substances such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

First widely introduced on series-production automobiles in the United States market for the 1975 model year to comply with tightening U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations on auto exhaust emissions, catalytic converters are still most commonly used in motor vehicle exhaust systems.

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We sell the best tires for both cars and people.

Here at Flannery’s Service we sell the best tire in the industry for both cars and people – Cooper Tires!  Here is some information about a special tire promotion from Cooper – for more information come in or give us a call.

Flannery’s Service Knows how to Care for your Classic.

Classic cars have become extremely popular over the last decade.  These cars are timeless and beautiful.  A classic car can be an asset. Invest in the right model, and you will see the value of your car increase as time goes by.  This has held true for almost every model that is in near mint, to mint condition.  Even models that need work, such as a rare Superbird can fetch unreal prices because of their demand.

Here at Flannery’s, we understand how you feel about your ‘classic’. We work on all the classics to keep them in top running order! We start with our state of the art diagnostic equipment and add our years of experience working on and caring for classics of all varieties. If you have a warm spot in your heart for that classic car, trust Flannery’s as your experts in automotive repair and maintenance! Let us keep your classic car in tip-top condition!

Foreign cars are not “foreign” to us

Flannery’s Service has experience working on foreign cars and cars with foreign origins made here in the USA.  When you have challenges with your Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, or any other model, please call or contact us before you call a branded dealer and pay premium prices for your service work.

NAPA Auto Care Center

NAPA AutoCare is designed with today’s consumers in mind. NAPA knows that a primary concern for consumers is to find a reputable repair business that perform quality work at fair prices. NAPA AutoCare is not a franchise, but rather, a quality standard where independent repair business owners are invited to join based upon their community reputation, integrity, qualifications, and expertise. Within your community or wherever your travels may take you, you will find a NAPA AutoCare Center that will professionally care for all your vehicle maintenance needs. Consumers consistently select a NAPA AutoCare Center because of the trust and confidence they have in NAPA quality parts and NAPA AutoCare’s commitment to excellence and best in class service. Taking care of your car’s health is an important part of protecting your investment and protecting your family.

For mechanical repairs, your local NAPA AutoCare Center can provide you with a number of benefits, the foremost being integrity. NAPA AutoCare Center owners know that, as a consumer, you have the right to choose where you decide to take your vehicles for service. Therefore, NAPA AutoCare Center owners provide services you can trust.

Maintaining and repairing today’s vehicles can be a pleasant experience when you deal with professionals. Your local NAPA AutoCare Center team can recommend a preventive maintenance program that is right for each vehicle your family owns, saving you time and money in the long run.

The NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty
NAPA AutoCare Centers offer the best consumer warranty in the industry and is honored at over 13,000 facilities nationwide. The NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty provides coverage on qualifying repairs for 12-months or 12,000-miles, whichever occurs first. And, if you pay for these qualifying repairs with your NAPA AutoCare EasyPay Credit Card, your coverage is automatically doubled to 24-months or 24,000-miles, whichever occurs first.

Ask Flannery’s Service for a copy of the complete warranty.

Hear a howling and growling, it could be a wheel bearing

If your ABS warning light is on and you hear a howling and growling noise, it may be you have a bad wheel bearing.

Flannery’s can diagnose the problem using state-of-the-art testing equipment.  If there is a problem with the wheel bearing or the hub assembly, we can help you decide among several options and repair your vehicle and have you on your way.

There are options that we can explore to get the best value for your repair dollar!

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