Flannery's Service FrontProviding reliable auto service has been our family’s way of life ever since Jim Flannery Senior sold his snowmobile back in 1968 for the $800 it cost to open up the shop.  He had been working as the shop foreman at the Vincent Chevrolet Dealership until the opportunity came to start out on his own.  As the business grew, the original shop moved from the Spur Station on the corner of Shonat and Apple Avenue over to Laketon and US-31, eventually settling to where you’ll find us today, at 2000 East Laketon Avenue, right at the corner that meets with Evanston.  Jim Sr. and his two brothers worked for many years, building the family’s reputation as excellent, reliable auto mechanics that really do care about keeping your car safe on the road.


Flannery's ServiceBuilding a Legacy

Jim Sr. put in a lot of years in his shop, teaching his son Jim Jr. how to work with cars since he was only ten years old. Jim Jr. went on to the U.S. Army after graduating from High School and served as a mechanic in the motor pool until returning home to work with his father. He graduated from college and continued his education in the auto industry by attending four seminars a year. He wanted to make sure that as new cars came off the assembly line, there would be a Flannery that would know how to fix it when it broke down.


Hoping to Pass on the Wrench

We would like for you to think of us as a community landmark, the kind of place you mention when giving directions and, more importantly, where you send your friends when they need excellent auto service. After all, we have been here serving the community a long time and plan on keeping it that way! We hope that Jim Jr’s son, Jimi, will grow to continue the family commitment to great service for many years to come.